The night visit of the Mosque

When: From Jan 1st, 2013 to Dec 31st, 2014

Where: Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is located in inland Andalusia where past and modernity blend together. Its history center has been included as World Heritage Site. The Mosque – Cathedral of Cordoba is a medieval Islamic mosque. It was built in 785 by the Muslim emir Abdurrahman I and was converted into Catholic Christina Cathedral in 1500s. The Mosque is a beautiful monument of Moorish architecture. It is open to the visitors all the days. You can visit this cathedral during the day or at night.

The night visit of the Mosque is a new type of visit. through the use of Hi – Tech lighting, sounds and projections you can discover the Mosque in a different perspective. The night visit is only by reservation. Visitors are divided in groups of 100 people, this opportunity offers a unique proposal quality, and also visitors feel privileged to discovers this place opened exclusively for them.

The Mosque have two type of tourist service: guided tours or audio guides both in 8 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic). The visit lasts about 1 hour.

View from above Mosque of CordobaInside of the MosqueMosque by night