Saffron Rose Fiesta

When: From Oct 25th to Oct 27th 2013, 2013

Where: Consuegra, Toledo, Spain

Consuegra is a town in Spain. It is 60km far from Toledo. The Caste and the Windmills are the principal attractive for this town. It is also known to be surrounded by saffron’s fields.

In this place at the end of October there is the Saffron Rose Fiesta. This Fiesta was established in 1963. In 2013 it will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Saffron Rose Fiesta aims to celebrate saffron, a spice used for paella, the most popular Spanish dish. Saffron Rose Fiesta takes place during the period of saffron’s collection. For this reason, the main activity during the festival is a competition of saffron’s collection. The participants must separate the saffron from the flower in the shortest time as possible. You should be very capable and fast to participate. There are also other activities, for example ‘Molienda de Paz’. In Consuegra there is a 16th-century windmill. During the Saffron Rose Fiesta this mill is opened to the public. The windmill grinds the flour and then this is collected in bags. Tourists can see all the process. At the end of the process the bags are given to the tourists as souvenirs.

At the last day all the participant, who take part at the saffron’s collection, parade with traditional dresses typical of each origin region.

During the festival there are organized children’s activities, live singing, dancing, exhibitions and all the monuments of Consuegra are opened to the public. You can also try tasteful typical Spanish dishes.

The Minister of Tourism said that this festival is an activity of tourist interest.

Saffron's fieldSaffronWindmills

Traditional dress